In the grim future, there is only war.

Here you will find the most motivational quotes and pictures the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to offer. 90% of which can be found in the first book, the most revered Rogue Trader.

Fri 11th Apr
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I’ve been replaying the Dawn of War II franchise and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Had the urge to make something to honor some of my favorite characters. Enjoy!

The Emperor protects.







Brothers and Sisters, I received a transmission from requesting assistance. Any and all reinforcements available will be greatly appreciated.

We are all, as fans for 40k and gaming in general, a community. The strength of the community is…

Feminism isn’t about equality. It is about superiority, and anyone who doesn’t support anything a feminist says is deemed to be worthless sexist trash, no matter how far from the truth it happens to be.

Space Marines aren’t true eunuchs. Sure, they’re sterile, but they are still testosterone filled nutjobs out to kill the majority of life in the galaxy. Asexual is not synonymous with androgynous. Nor does it necessarily mean sterile. It means that for one of a large variety of reasons, you are uninterested in sexuality.

As an asexual, I find it infuriating that people think we all must be sterile or androgynous. We aren’t.

The fluff says that space marines must be male for biological reasons. The eldar and tau fluff states that their people are warriors in equal number. Sisters were intentionally introduced to provide a female replacement for space marines, which to keep to the universe, must be male. Even in our current military, men vastly out number women. It comes down to biology, folks. Men are much more likely to be violent and engage in warfare. We cannot alter human biology to suit your tastes, feminists. We are inherently different, and while you tout “celebrating diversity,” you are actually squelching that diversity.

When you fight for men’s rights in child rearing and other domestic issues, I might care about your opinions on stuff like this. I’m not going to worship women. Get over it.

We cannot alter human biology to suit our tastes?? You realize how insane this sounds while talking about space marines right? Please unfollow me!

This isn’t about imaginary biology. This is about about a special snowflake who is making demands of a company producing toys for a male-dominated market. She quotes female consumer buying power, but that is not the amount they spend on models. GW won’t suddenly make more money if they start marketing toward women; wargaming is wargaming.

Let’s put it another way. I enter a female clothing store. I get offended that there is no skirts for men in there, and demand that the company start producing dresses for men. What do you think they will do?

Whoever owns this blog, you are not making a stand for women. You are white-knighting for a bullshit purpose. I hope, for your sake, you grow up one day. Goodbye.

I will never shy away from a brother or sister in need. Goodbye indeed, coward.

How annoying. Play Slannesh, they’re all hermaphrodites…

Thu 3rd Apr
1 week ago

If only it was more than just a cool cover to add to the collection of codeces.

If only it was more than just a cool cover to add to the collection of codeces.

Wed 2nd Apr
2 weeks ago

I forgot about this and now I NEED it.

I forgot about this and now I NEED it.

Fri 28th Mar
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Navigator Household by weirdingway

How to do it right.

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Thu 27th Mar
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Blanche’s eldar are best eldar.

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Wed 26th Mar
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Mon 24th Mar
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R.I.P. Oderus Urungus

R.I.P. Oderus Urungus

Sat 22nd Mar
3 weeks ago


Realm of Chaos/Slaves to Darkness (1989)

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Wed 19th Mar
4 weeks ago

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